[QUESTION] How to share Pro Tier Two access to other devices


I purchased RadarScope on Mac, and signed up for a Pro Tier Two subscription. I'm looking for any guidance on how to download RadarScope on my iPhone without paying the $9.99 the App Store is asking for. I can't 'Restore Purchases' without having the app downloaded. 

I found this blog post but the information is for RadarScope 3.4 and seems to require already having the app downloaded. 

Is there a code I'm supposed to get to be able to download the App? 




  • This is expected functionality. 

    I purchased the macOS version of RadarScope, chose the 1 year Pro Tier 1 immediately, and today after reading (and seeing - view photo at bottom) that Tier 2 enabled Cross Platform I decided to subscribe. My line of thinking being if you're paying for a subscription you can use the product on multiple devices. I submitted request #REMOVED earlier when I could not figure out how to use RadarScope on my phone without paying again. Turns out, that's a feature not a bug. It seems rather disingenuous to not have that language somewhere, be it in a disclaimer at the bottom of the page with a * next to Cross Platform or something like that. 

    This experience has left me with a bad taste in my mouth. The only reason I chose the Tier 2 subscription was because I thought it enabled cross platform support. It's certainly does not seem clear in any of the documentation & subscription screens I encountered that the cross platform support is strictly for the subscription itself and does not include cross platform use of the app (without additional purchase). 


  • Hi Eric,

    I apologize for the confusion. The Pro subscriptions are for unlocking premium features that are not available within the base app. The cross platform sharing that comes with the Pro Tier 2 subscription is intended to only be cross platform sharing of those Pro features. This is an added benefit over the Tier 1 Pro subscription, which would require separate subscription purchases for each platform.

    I followed up with you in the support ticket you raised with us regarding the confusion to try and rectify the issue.


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