Managing Pro Subscriptions

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iOS provides an interface for viewing and managing all of your in-app subscriptions, and you can use it to manage your RadarScope Pro subscription. You can reach this through RadarScope by tapping the Settings button, selecting the Pro tab, then tapping the Manage button at the bottom of the screen. For additional information, refer to the support guide provided by Apple for managing your subscriptions on iOS.

Restore Subscription

Because subscriptions are sold and managed through each platform’s app store, they’re tied to your app store account. When you get a new device, you’ll first need to log into the app store using the same account you used to purchase RadarScope and RadarScope Pro. Once doing so, restoring your subscription is straightforward:

1. Open RadarScope
2. Tap the settings button in the lower right corner
3. Tap the Pro tab
4. Tap the Restore button in the lower left corner
5. Follow the onscreen instructions

If your subscription fails to restore, it could be because you’re signed into the wrong app store account or because your subscription has expired. Refer to the support guide provided by Apple for managing your subscriptions on iOS to verify that your subscription is active and that you’re logged into the correct app store account.

Downgrade Subscription

To downgrade your Tier Two subscription to Tier One, follow the instructions above for upgrading but select a Tier One instead of Tier Two. When you downgrade, it doesn’t take effect right away. Your Tier Two subscription will continue for the remainder of period for which you’ve already paid. After the subscription time for Tier Two has ended, your subscription will auto-renew as Tier One.

Cancel Subscription

iOS doesn’t expose a way for subscriptions to be canceled inside an app, so you must do so through the iOS subscription management page. In the RadarScope Pro view, tap the Manage button at the bottom at the screen, or refer to the the support guide provided by Apple for managing your subscriptions on iOS. Once you’ve opened the subscription management view, select the RadarScope Pro subscription and follow the on-screen instructions to cancel your subscription.

Note that Apple doesn’t provide refunds for unused subscription periods. When you cancel your subscription, it will remain active until the next expiration date. When the subscription expires, the features will be disabled and you won’t be billed again unless you reactivate it.

Sharing Tier Two Across Platforms

If you are a Tier Two Pro subscriber, you get the added benefit of being able to share your subscription access across all of your devices that already have RadarScope installed. This is handled by creating a RadarScope account, from within the apps Options/Settings section. You will see a "Register" option. This must be done from the device you used to purchase the Tier Two Pro subscription. How it works is when creating your RadarScope account, RadarScope looks to your device's connected app store account to verify if you have an active Tier Two Pro subscription. Once you have an account created, all you need to do is be signed into that RadarScope account on any device you wish to access the premium features.


Subscriptions in RadarScope 5

Prior to RadarScope 5.0, iOS and macOS required separate RadarScope Pro subscriptions. Beginning with RadarScope 5.0, your RadarScope Pro Tier One and Tier Two subscriptions are automatically shared across all Apple platforms when using the same App Store account. Combining iOS and macOS subscriptions means Pro Tier One subscriptions will cost less since you only have to purchase them once. And Pro Tier Two subscriptions will be easier to manage, since you no longer need a RadarScope account to share them between iOS and macOS.

If you've upgraded to RadarScope 5 for macOS and you still have an active Pro Tier One subscription in RadarScope 4 for macOS, you should cancel it. If your Pro Tier Two subscription was purchased through RadarScope 4 for macOS, it will be easier to manage in the future if you cancel the subscription for RadarScope 4 and subscribe in RadarScope 5 instead.

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