Upgrading Your RadarScope Experience

RadarScope Pro is an optional subscription package available via in-app purchase. It unlocks additional features and data for detailed analysis of storms. There are two premium levels available.

RadarScope Pro Tier One
  • Real-time non-gridded lightning data feed that animates with the radar.
  • Tornado and severe thunderstorm watches covering the United States and Canada.
  • Extended radar loops for up to 30 frames of super-res data.
  • Inspector tool the lets you investigate the values of the radar imagery you are viewing (reflectivity, doppler velocity, etc).
  • Dual-pane capability lets you compare two radar products side-by-side to obtain a more complete understanding of the weather shown on radar.
  • Ability to import custom color tables for radar products.
  • Shared across iOS and tvOS for devices that use the same App Store account.
  • $9.99/yr
RadarScope Pro Tier Two
  • All features of Pro Tier One, listed above.
  • Extended radar loops up to 50 frames of super-res data.
  • Archived radar data allows you to view radar imagery from the past 30 days for all radars and products, non-super-res data from the past 18 months for NEXRAD and TDWR radars.
  • Shear contours covering the United States allow you to detect rotation in storms to help identify a mesocyclone and provide a better idea of where there could be a tornado.
  • Hail size and hail probability contours for the United States to determine where hail may have fallen and how large it was.
  • SPC day one convective outlooks covering the United States.
  • SPC mesoscale discussions covering the United States.
  • Special weather statements from the U. S. National Weather Service and Environment Canada.
  • Local storm reports from the U. S. National Weather Service.
  • Detailed road maps.
  • Satellite base maps.
  • Level II Radar Data
  • Ability to use one purchase of Tier Two across 5 devices, no matter their platform, through a connected RadarScope account.
  • $99.99/yr or $14.99/mo


How To Purchase A Subscription

iOS Android macOS
1. Tap the Settings button in the lower right corner of the screen
2. Select the Pro tab
3. Select your subscription tier and billing interval and follow the instructions for purchasing in-app content through the iOS App Store
4. Once purchased, RadarScope Pro features are unlocked automatically


Upgrading Subscription from Tier One to Tier Two:

1. Open RadarScope
2. Tap the settings button in the lower right corner
3. Tap the Pro tab
4. Tap the button for the desired subscription tier and follow the onscreen instructions to verify your purchase

Alternatively, you can upgrade from Tier One to Tier Two via the iOS subscription settings:
1. Open the iOS Settings app
2. Tap iTunes & App Store
3. Tap your Apple ID
4. Tap View Apple ID
5. Enter your App Store password if prompted
6. Tap Subscriptions
7. Select the RadarScope Pro subscription from the list
8. Select the desired subscription tier

When upgrading from an active Tier One subscription to Tier Two, Apple will refund the unused portion of your Tier 1 subscription and then charge you the full price for the Tier Two subscription. For example, if you have six months left of Tier One when you upgrade to Tier Two, Apple will refund about $4.99 for the unused portion of your Tier One subscription. You will have immediate access to the Tier Two features and your Tier One subscription will automatically cancel so that you’re not charged for two subscriptions once it comes time to renew.

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