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RadarScope for iOS bundles a companion app for the Apple Watch. It provides a convenient glance at your favorite radars and locations to see if conditions warrant opening the iOS app for a closer look.


Installation - To install RadarScope Apple Watch app, open the Watch app on your iPhone, select RadarScope from the list of available apps, and turn on “Show App on Apple Watch”.

Getting Started - The Apple Watch app allows you to view radar images for your current location, your user-defined locations, and your favorite radars. It obtains user-defined locations and radar favorites from the iOS app. If you haven’t defined any, you’ll want to do so before using the Watch app. Open RadarScope on your iPhone tap the radar ID at the top of the screen. From there you can add favorite radars and user-defined locations. Once added, they should appear automatically in the Watch app. 

Locations and Radars - To view radar images in the Watch app, simply select the location or radar you wish to view from the on-screen list. Locations provide a slightly zoomed-in view, while radars default to showing the radar’s full coverage area.

Loops - When viewing a radar image, tap once to load a series of images and initiate a loop. Tap again to stop the loop. The Watch app loops over the most recent six frames of radar data.

Other Layers - In addition to radar images and the standard RadarScope base map, the Watch app displays warning polygons and user-defined locations on the map. It doesn’t display other layers available in the iOS app.

Zooming - When viewing a location, force touch the map to reveal an action menu, then select Zoom In to see more detail. Select Zoom Out for a wider view. Zoom isn’t available when viewing a favorite radar.

Product Selection - The Watch app offers a limited set of radar products, including base reflectivity, precip depiction, base velocity, and vertically integrated liquid. Force touch the map to reveal the action menu, then tap Change Products, and select the desired product from the list.

Untethered Use - The Watch app uses its connection to your iPhone to obtain and process data when the phone is available. When the phone is out of range or otherwise unavailable, the Watch app can obtain data directly over a wifi or cellular connection when those are available. It may take a bit longer to process and display data when using a direct connection.

Troubleshooting - Sometimes apps on your Watch have trouble connecting back to your phone to retrieve data. When this occurs, it may help to either delete and reinstall the app, or unpair and re-pair the Watch to your iPhone.

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