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RadarScope includes a companion home screen widget for iOS 14 and up. It provides a convenient glance at your favorite radars and locations to see if conditions warrant opening the app for a closer look.


Getting Started - To install an instance of the widget, touch and hold your finger on the home screen to enter edit mode. Tap the "+" button in the top left corner of the screen, scroll through the list of available widgets to find the RadarScope widget, then tap to select it. Select a desired size, then tap "Add Widget". Arrange the widget to the desired position on your home screen. From this point, you can tap the widget to change its settings, or swipe up to exit edit mode. Once the widget is installed, simply tap the widget to open the full app.

Editing the Widget - Widget settings allow you to adjust the selected radar and viewing area, the zoom level, the radar product, and whether or not to show your user-defined locations. To enter edit mode, touch and hold a finger on the widget, then select "Edit Widget". The following sections explain the various settings options.

Display - The RadarScope widget can be configured to display the entire coverage area of a specific radar, or an area centered on a user-defined custom location, or your device's current location. Custom locations can be defined inside the RadarScope app. To view your current location, the widget needs permission. In the iOS Settings app, go to Privacy > Location Services > RadarScope, and set the "Allow Location Access" setting to "While Using the App or Widgets".

Radar - When you select Radar for the Display setting, you can select the radar to view from a list. Tap the Radar setting, then select the desired radar from the list. In this mode, the display will show the full coverage area of the selected radar.

User Location - When you select User Location for the Display setting, you can select the location to view from the list of custom locations you've defined in the app. Simply tap User Location, then select the desired location from the list. In this mode, you can select from one of several pre-defined zoom levels.

Zoom Level - When displaying a user location or the current location, you can select a desired zoom level. Tap the Zoom Level setting, then select from the options presented.

Product - Tap the Product setting to select the radar product you wish to view. The widget can display Reflectivity, Precipitation Depiction, Velocity, or Vertically Integrated Liquid.

Show User Locations - The widget gives you the option to display your user-defined locations. Use the provided switch to toggle them on or off.

Refreshing the Widget - The RadarScope widget automatically updates the radar image. It requests a specific update interval from iOS. But iOS decides how often to actually update, and many update less often in order to conserve battery life and bandwidth. The widget doesn't continuously update in the background when you aren't viewing it, but it should update within a second or two when you bring it in to view. In our experience, it takes a while for iOS to work out an optimal updating strategy for a newly added widget. Interacting with the widget a few times seems to help iOS prioritize its updates.

Removing the Widget - To remove a widget from your home screen, touch a hold a finger on it, then select Remove Widget. Or, if you're in edit mode, touch the "-" button in the top left corner of the widget, then tap "Remove".

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