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The product legend sits immediately below the map and above the toolbar. It provides the means for selecting radar products to view and information about the current displayed data.


1. Product Menu - The name of the currently selected product appears in a blue title on the left side of the product legend. RadarScope provides a full suite of radar products to view. Tapping the product name reveals a menu of available products. Scroll through the menu and tap the desired product to load and display the data. Some products are available at multiple tilts or beam angles. To change the tilt of the selected product, tap the Tilt button to the right of the product name and select the desired tilt.

2. Product Time - The product time stamp appears on the right side of the product legend. This indicates the time at which the currently displayed radar product was observed. The time is always displayed according to your device’s current local time zone as specified in your device settings, even when you’re viewing a radar in a different time zone. The "Updated" time shown below the product time indicates when RadarScope last refreshed the data. Radar products update every 1 to 10 minutes, so this time doesn’t always match the product time. For example, if the product time is 1:00 PM and the update time is 1:03 PM, that indicates RadarScope checked for an update at 1:03 PM and the 1:00 PM data was the most recent available. When radar data doesn’t refresh as quickly as expected, the product time and update time will be displayed in red to indicate the data is older than expected. This may occur when a radar goes offline for maintenance or repairs, when a communication link goes down, or due to a temporary issue with the data provider. RadarScope Pro Tier Two offers a 30-day archive of radar products. When the archive is available, the product time stamp will be blue in color. To view archived data, tap the time stamp to reveal the archive date picker. Learn more about viewing archived data in the RadarScope Pro section.

3. Color Bar - The color bar indicates the color scale of the currently displayed radar product. Each color in the scale is associated with a value in the radar data. You can touch and hold your finger on the color bar to reveal a popup showing the color and its associated value, then drag across the color bar to see the range of values.

4. Details - Product details appear below the product name and time. For most radial products, the beam elevation angle is displayed below the product name. For certain precipitation estimate products, the starting time of the accumulation period is shown instead.

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