Radar Not Updating

Trying to display radar data from a specific site, but only getting old data?

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Data displayed in RadarScope comes from the agency that owns the specific radar sites. It is not uncommon for a radar site to go offline for maintenance or repair work by the agency. You can even read the latest status message from the agency for a specific site in the app by tapping on the radar identifier at the top of the map screen, selecting the Radars tab or View All Radars, and then tapping the 'i' icon to the right of the radar of interest. Once the radar site returns to operational mode, data will automatically start updating within the app.

RadarScope contains data for individual radar sites from a variety of agencies around the globe. You can view their direct status pages at the links below:

Everything looking good on the status page site, but still not getting updated data within the app? Reach our 24/7 support team by navigating to the Support/Help section within the app and select Email.

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